13th International
SoC Design Conference

October 23 ~ 26, 2016
Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, Jeju Korea

CDC (Chip Design Contest) Registration

Online Registration
(For a Credit Card issued outside Korea)
Online Registration
(For a Credit Card issued in Korea)

CDC Registration due date

Chip Design Contest registration due date: September 12, 2016
On-site (Venue) Registration: October 23-26, 2016

Publication policy of the accepted papers

• Since the paper in the field of CDC is not the formal (regular) paper approved by ISOCC, it is not included in the conference proceedings.

CDC Registration fee

• The last day to register online is September 12, 2016.

• After September 12, 2016, all the participants will be required to register on-site.

• Tutorials, banquet tickets, and IEIE service charge (10%) are all included in both regular and student registration fees.

(Chip Design Contest)
Author and early registration
By Sep 12, 2016.
On-site registration
After Sep 12, 2016.
USD 180 KRW 200,000 USD 200 KRW 220,000
(on October 23, 2016)

Optional Items
Additional Banquet Ticket USD 100 (KRW 120,000)

CDC Registration guidelines for authors

• At least one author of every accepted paper should register for the conference at a full CDC registration rate no later than Sept. 30, 2015 in order for the author’s paper to be presented at the conference.

• One registration covers only one paper of those authors who have multiple papers accepted.

CDC registration entitlements

• Participant’s registration fee includes (access to all sessions, conference proceedings, final program, coffee breaks, Lunches, banquet, and Tutorials).

• Banquet dinner is guaranteed only for attendees online-registered by September 12, 2016. We cannot guarantee ticket availability beyond September 12, 2016. If available, additional banquet tickets can be purchased online or on-site.

• Lunch at Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel will be provided to all the registrants after the keynote speeches on Oct. 24 and Oct. 25, respectively. Please make sure that you have to show the lunch coupon in your name badge. Conference attendee will get a lunch coupon card together with the conference admission badge. Please be noted that you have to keep the card well and show it to the staff when having lunch.

Method of Payment

By credit card

- Available credit card

Overseas MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Union Pay
Domestic Domestic issued cards

- Card payment is available through the on-line system.

- Please note that we are collaborating with the registration system supplier EXIMBAY for a Credit Card issued outside Korea and Allatpay for a Credit Card issued in Korea. Thus you will find ‘KRP Eximbay.com’ or 'Allatpay.com' on the receipt of your registration payment.

- Please confirm your payment receipt provided by your card vendor.

- Please note that the credit card payment will not be approved if the country where card was used does not match the country of issue.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

• Cancellations must be received by sending an email to Conference Secretary (secretary@isocc.org) on or before September 30, 2016. Cancellations of the online registration received on or before September 30, 2016 will receive a refund of all fees paid, less a 20% processing fee. No refunds will be given after September 30, 2016.


For questions: Conference Secretariat(secretary@isocc.org)